Happy Easter

Well done to everyone that made an Easter bonnet. There were some fantastic entries and it was such a hard decision but the winner of the Easter bonnet competition was Paige Ledger. Well done Paige!


Easter homework

The children took home an addition and subtraction facts worksheet for their maths homework. Please can the children also complete another 3 pages in their purple books it doesn’t matter what page they are up to aslong as they complete another theee pages.

SATS are on the way so some more previous test papers are in the links below for the children to completeūüėÉ

Sample_ks1_mathematics_paper1_arithmetic (1) easter

For the reasoning paper the first 5 questions will be read out by the examiner so the children will not be able to answer these for this test practice at home however from then on the children can complete the paper independently/ an adult can read each question for them. So if the children want to practice get them to answer from question 6:)

Sample_ks1_mathematics_paper2_reasoning (1)

2016_KS1_English_Reading_Paper_1_reading_prompt_and_answer_booklet_PDFA easter


In Maths this week we have been learning about the value of different coins and have been using different coins to make the same amounts. I was extremely impressed with the children’s work as the concept of money is so difficult but they’ve done a super job! Below is a little song to help the children remember the value of each coin.


In English this week the children have been learning about the fantastic Mr Fox story and have been improving the opening and first paragraph of the story by including super adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs ! Here’s a read aloud version which the children can listen to at home!



Writer of the week

Writer of the week this week is Lacey. Lacey wrote a superb adaptation of the Fantastic Mr Fox story using adverbs and adjectives perfectly! Super work!

L Brown

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Hannah. Hannah has been trying extra hard in all of her class work this week and I have been so impressed with her determination! Great work!

H Conway


Headteacher Awards

This half term the Headteacher’s award goes to Harrison and Sadie. Both of these children read regularly and have made great progress in their reading this half term. It is so important that the children read regularly as this increases their vocab and detrimentally affects their ability to write and spell. So keep reading guys!

S McGowanH Orange



This week in Maths we have been finishing off our subtraction topic. The children have been subtracting two digit numbers using partitioning, column method and a number line method and have started choosing which method they prefer to work out calculations.


In English this week we finished off our topic on non-chronological reports by writing our own non-chronological reports about either a Dolphin, Octopus or Killer Whale. The children loved researching their chosen sea creature/ mammal and have used all of the correct features of a non-chronological report in their own writing. I have been super impressed with the progress that the children have made. Here are some examples of the children’s initial attempt at writing a non-chronological report and their attempts now.


Ryan’s before and after


Paige’s before and after


This week has been science week. On Tuesday we created a set of instructions for carrying out our experiment and made a prediction as to what we thought would melt the ice cubes the fastest. On Wednesday we carried out our experiment and the children loved observing the ice cubes and writing down their results in a table. Here are some pictures of the children in action carrying out our test.


Pupil of the Week

Pupil of the week this week is Thomas. Thomas has been trying super hard in all of his independent work. He has made some super progress in Maths and he is really trying to improve his handwriting. Keep it up Thomas.

T Rawson


Writer of the Week

Write of the week this week is Katalina. Katalina has been so resilient this week. She has re-drafted a set of instructions to ensure that she has written using her best handwriting and has carried on writing neatly and beautifully in all of her other writing tasks. Super work!

K Gonzalez




Lots of parents have had lots of questions about the upcoming SATS tests which the children will have to sit this year. The SATS will take place in May and the children will sit tests in Maths and English.

2 Maths papers- arithmetic and reasoning paper

2 reading papers

A spelling, punctuation and grammar paper.

I have attached some of the previous past papers just so you can see what the format of the tests will be for the children. The first 5 reasoning questions on the Maths paper will be read out and are not attached however the children can practise from question 6 on wards.





In Topic this week the children have been recounting the events of the Titanic and have written it up in the style of a newspaper report. First, we learnt a newspaper report using actions and then we looked at the features of a newspaper report. The children then wrote up their newspaper reports. I have been so impressed with all of the children’s work. Here are some excellent examples below.


Heidi and Molly’s wok


In English this week the children have been finding out facts about Dolphins, Octopuses and Killer Whales and have organised their facts into different categories ready for writing up their own non-chronological reports next week.


Sophie and Annabelle’s work

Writer of the Week

Writer of the week this week is Ashley. Ashley has been trying extra hard to make sure tat every letter is sitting on the line and has been using his phonics to hep him write sentences. He has made excellent progress and had to be our writer of the week this week! Well done superstar!

A Rhodes

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Wayne. Wayne has been working super hard in all of his work and is always so resilient. He has made so much progress in both Maths and English. Keep it up Wayne!

W Beech

What a freeeeezing week!

Hope you are all staying safe and warm inside during this freezing cold weather. Looking forward to seeing you all Monday morning ready for another fantastic week!

Snow work

Due to the adverse weather conditions I have set out below some work for the children to complete during their time off:)

MATHS-¬† The children have been focusing¬†on adding the last few weeks so here is some work to test their knowledge. The children are in groups and know which group they are in either 1’s, 2’s/3’s or 4/5’s. Click on the links below and the work will open up and the children can copy down the questions and answer them.

I have also attached the 2016 arithmetic Maths paper if the children would like to practice for their upcoming SATS test for Maths in May.

The 100 square below can be used by the children to help them add accurately if they need it:)

For 2’s and 3’s – we have taught both the number line method and partitioning method for addition.

Partitioning method

Example: 22+34=

Step 1- split the numbers into tens and ones (20+2) + (30+4)

Step 2 add the ones and then the tens together.



Step 3 add the numbers together: 50+7=57


Number line method

Step 1: Children draw a blank  number line.     ______________________________________

Step 2: Place the biggest number in the calculation at the beginning of the number line.



Step 3: Partition the second number into tens and ones: 20+3

Step 4: Add the tens then add the ones. Show the jumps along the number line ( I apologize for the lack of jumps on this example technology would not allow me to draw the jumps.)

+20                +3


34               54                57


1’s double digit addition

2’s and 3’s double digit addition

4’s and 5’s 2 digit add ones

SATS maths arithmetic paper

ENGLISH– Please complete another 2 pages in your purple books and don’t forget to keep reading each day as our SATS tests are just around the corner.

The link below is to last years grammar paper if the children would like to practice for extra work at home.

2017_KS1_English_grammar__punctuation_and_spelling_paper_2_questions (5)



In English this week the children have started writing up our class non-chronological report. I have been so impressed with how well the children have remembered all of the facts in our T-Rex report and have been able to include all of these in their written reports. They have produced some fantastically written and presented reports. I can’t wait to upload some examples in next weeks blog!


In Topic this week we have carried on with our Titanic topic and have started learning a newspaper report recounting the events of the sinking of the Titanic. The newspaper report is below in the link if the children would like to read through it and learn it!

newspaper report