In maths this week we have started learning about 3D shapes. We named different 3D shapes and described their properties (edges, faces and vertices). The children loved sorting 2D and 2D shapes and even picked out everyday objects which were the same shape as some of our 3D shapes.

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In English this week we have been writing lots. We placed facts under heading titles to help us plan for writing our biographies about Martin Luther King. We then finished our biographies and on started writing a letter to Father Christmas on Wednesday. I am so proud of how the children’s writing is coming on and their biographies and letters are outstanding. Here are some examples of the children’s super duper work!




Ryan’s work


Lacey’s work

Outstanding writer

Outstanding writer this week is Jada. In English we have been writing letters to Father Christmas and Jada’s letter was superb. She gave a reason for why she wanted each present which was fantastic to see and she used all the correct features of letter writing independently. Super work Jada!!

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Riley.  I have been super impressed with Riley this week. He always works hard but this week he has not stopped answering questions in every lesson and his independent work has been phenomenal. Excellent work Riley! Keep it up!

R Hall


Merry Christmas

Our Christmas show

Thank you all so much for coming to watch our Christmas show. The children worked so hard and were fantastic on stage. They loved wearing their costumes and were so sad when it was all over! If only it could be Christmas every week:)



This week in topic the children made some tissue collages of Martin Luther King. We thought about the different colours we wanted to use and what these represented. The children loved tearing the paper and getting sticky with the glue.

Christmas Bits

The children have been doing lots of fun arts and crafts activities this week. First, we made salt dough. The children learnt some instructions for making salt dough in English this week and used these to help them make their own salt dough ornaments ornaments. When they were dried, we then painted the ornaments and topped them off with lots of glitter to make them extra Christmasy!


We also made Christmas cards this week. We created our very own Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer cards and there is an extra special surprise inside which the children loved doing! Here’s a sneak preview of the surprise!!


Finally, on Thursday, after finishing all of our arty things off, we had a party and 2 special visitors. First, we got to meet Santa Clause and all got a special present from him. Then we got to see a magician who performed some fantastic tricks with the help of the children and the magic words!


Writer of the week

Writer of the week this week is Scarlett Tate. She has worked super hard re-drafting her letter to Santa from last week and even did extra work at home to finish it and make it perfect. Super work Scarlett!!!

S Tate


Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Ella. Ella has worked super hard in all of her independent work this week and her behavior has been sublime! Keep it up Ella Bella!!:)



Head Teachers Award

The headteachers award this term goes to Ryan and Sophie. Both of these children always work their hardest and never give up! Their independent work is fantastic and they are always so polite. Super work guys!!!

2 weeks until our Christmas show!!


In English this week, we have been finishing off our Florence Nightingale letters. We pretended that we were soldiers in Scutari hospital and wrote letters trying to persuade Florence Nightingale to come and help us. The children came up with some fantastic reasons why they’d like Florence to come and help them. Here are some examples of the children’s super letters!

IMG_0966[1]Ryan’s letter



In maths this week, we have been learning how to tell the time. We made and designed our own paper clocks, which the children loved! We have learnt the difference between the long hand and the short hand and we have been learning how to tell and write the time to the hour, quarter past, half past and quarter to. Time is a really tricky concept and I have been so impressed with the children’s hard work this week! They have done so well!


Writer of the week

Writer of the week this week is Annabelle. Annabelle has written a fantastic persuasive letter to Florence Nightingale. She has used all of the features that she needed to use and she presented it beautifully! Excellent work Annabelle!!!

A Wilson

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Hannah. Hannah has really impressed me this week. She has been working super hard in all her work and has been going above and beyond which is fantastic to see. She wrote a superb letter to Florence Nightingale in English which was beautifully presented. Great work Hannah! Keep it up!

H Conway

It’s nearly Christmas!!!

Christmas show

The Christmas show is just around the corner and I am so proud of all the children for how hard they are working, we can’t wait for you to come and watch the show! The children all know their lines already so thank you for practicing with them at home. They are going to be fantastic!!!



In English this week, the children have written and re- drafted their own biographies about Florence Nightingale. The children have worked so hard to correct and improve their work. They have used all the features of biography writing and have ensured that they have included all of the facts they know about Florence Nightingale. Herr are some of the fantastic examples of the children’s work!


Katalina’s work


Felicity’s work


Sophie’s work


In maths this week, we have been focusing on place value and have been counting in threes and have been partitioning numbers into different combinations of tens and ones. The children were fantastic at counting in threes forwards and backwards and have worked really hard partitioning 2 digit numbers using ten rods and cubes. Here are some examples of the kids super work!


Charley’s work


Harrison’s Work

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is James W. James has been working really hard in his independent work. He always tries his best and he is becoming more and more independent. Great work James, keep it up!

Writer of the Week

Writer of the week this week is Felicity. Felicity wrote a fantastic biography about Florence Nightingale using all the correct features. It was also beautifully presented! Super work Felicity!

F Earnshaw