Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

On Tuesday, we all went to church and performed our harvest festival song. The children were fantastic. They sang beautifully and we are looking forward to performing to parents next Thursday along with Year 1 and F2.




This week in English, we have been learning the tortoise and the hare fable.

We have had lots of fun using drama this week in order to remember the sequence of the fable. I was so impressed with all of the children. They really embraced the characters and put 100% effort in. I even had a bit of fun being the hare in the story. Here are some photos of the children performing their role plays in front of the class.


This week in maths, we have been measuring length and height. The children have had lots of fun using metre sticks and rulers. We have also been ordering lengths and heights. Here are some pictures of the children. We ordered ourselves into height order from shortest to tallest without any talking. I was very impressed that the children did it so quickly without making a sound!


Writer of the week 

Writer of the week this week is Harrison. Harrison works hard in everything he does! He has been focusing on trying to make his handwriting neater and I have been so impressed with his determination to make his handwriting neat in everything he does. His tortoise and the hare writing this week was beautifully presented and joined. Great work Harrison!!

H Orange

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Skye. Skye has been working super hard in her independent work. She has blown me away in both Maths and English this week and her enthusiasm to learn is fantastic! Excellent work Skye:) Keep it up:)



I’m gonna let it shine!

Harvest festival

This week year 2 have been practicing hard for their harvest festival. A link to the song is below so that the children can practice again at home as we will be performing in church on Tuesday. I have been holding auditions all this week for solo parts and I have to say it was so so so hard to choose as the children all have beautiful voices. So the only fair way was to pick the boy and girls names out of a hat. So, congratulations to:

Charley, Daniel, Oliver, Ryan, Harrision, Lacey, Ella, Hannah, Paige and Scarlett Precious who will be singing the first verse of the song as a group in church on Tuesday.


In English this week, the children have been writing their own version of Cinderella completely independently. They have been using the features of a fairy tale which we have already learnt and have been looking at how we write in paragraphs. I have been blown away by the progress that the children have made from the beginning of the year till now. Examples of the children work will be uploaded on Monday evening as we still need to re-draft in order to make them perfect!


In maths this week, we have been extending our work on addition and subtraction. The children have been adding a one digit number to a multiple of ten and subtracting a one digit number from a multiple of ten. We have also been using the inverse to solve missing addition and subtraction problems.

____ + 5= 20

____ – 7= 13

5 + ____ = 27

20- ___ = 12

Writer of the week

Writer of the week this week is Scarlett Precious. In year 2 we have been trying really hard to write neatly and join our letters and Scarlett has tried so hard this week to improve her handwriting. She wrote a fantastic fairy tale using paragraphs, expanded noun phrases and speech correctly. Great work Scarlett! Keep it up!

S Precious

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Owen. Owen has been trying really hard in all of his independent work. He has completed all of his work this week completely independently and I am so proud of how much progress he is already making this year. Great work Owen! Well deserved:)

O Johnson

Once upon a time


In English this week, we have been extending our adapted story independently and have started getting ready to write our own fairy tale story. We read the Egyptian Cinderella, to see how the story of Cinderella is different in different countries and compared it with our Cinderella story. This gave us some great ideas which we could include in our own story. We also looked at other well known fairy tales and discussed the features of a fairy tale so we know what needs to be included in our own fairy tale when we start writing next week.



In maths this week, we have been practicing our addition and subtraction and have been using the addition facts that we already know to help us work out harder addition facts up to 100. I have been so impressed with the children’s work this week, especially as we have started writing in our books, rather than working on sheets and the children’s work looks fantastic.

images (1)


Writer of the Week

Writer of the week this week is Charley. Charley has tried really hard this week to persevere with his writing and it has definitely paid off. He wrote a fantastic paragraph completely independently using expanded noun phrases and he used such imaginative ideas to change the plot of the story. Excellent work Charley! Super start!!

C Marshall


Pupil of the Week

Pupil of the week this week is Heidi. Heidi has gone above and beyond this week. She has been trying so hard in all of her independent work this week especially in her handwriting and she has also been doing extra work in her spare time which is lovely to see. Excellent work Heidi, keep it up!