Getting ready for harvest festival

Harvest Festival

Harvest festival is just round the corner and the children have been learning the song ‘let it shine.’ If the children want to practice the song is below:)



Over the last few weeks, we have started our topic which focuses on our local area.

We have looked at the United Kingdom, the countries that are part of it and their capital cities. We have also looked at different places and have discussed the differences between a village, town and a coastal area. We have looked at the different features of these places and the children correctly identified that Royston is a village.



This week in English, we have started changing our Cinderella story. As a class, we have changed some of the characters and parts of the plot in the story and have been using actions to help us remember all of the new parts. The children had great fun learning the story and performing it! Here are some photos below of the children working hard!


This week in maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction and practicing using the inverse to solve missing addition and subtraction number problems. As always, the kids have been fantastic and have worked really hard all week.

We also started looking at 2D shapes and have been describing their properties. There is a link to a song below which we have been singing to help us remember the name and properties of each 2D shape.


Writer of the Week

Writer of the week this week is Lacey. This week we have been learning how to add extra detail to our sentences in order to make them more interesting. Lacey wrote some fantastic expanded noun phrases about the characters in our Cinderella story and each one was beautifully presented. Great work Lacey! Keep it up!

 L Brown

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Sophie. Sophie always works hard and is always ready to learn. She has done some fantastic Maths and English work this week and she is a great role model for our year 2 class! Great work Sophie, Well done!

 S Pierce


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