Welcome back

Welcome back after a lovely 6 weeks off I have missed the children so much and they have already impressed me so much over the last two weeks. I can’t believe how much they have grown too!



Year 2 P.E days are now Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your children bring P.E kits and take their ear rings out otherwise they won’t be able to join in.

Homework/ Spellings

Spellings and homework will be given out on a Friday. A spelling test will be done every Friday afternoon. Don’t worry about bringing their spelling sheets back in. They are for the children to practice with at home ready for their test..



This week in maths we have been working really hard on addition and subtraction. We have been using Numicon and number lines to help us solve addition and subtraction problems and I have been amazed with how well all of the children have done. We have also been practicing our times tables songs and counting up to 100. The links are below if the children would like to practice at home:)





In English this week, we have been sequencing the story of Cinderella and writing sentences from the story independently. We have also been rehearsing the story each day to ensure that we remember the story really well as next week we will be adapting the story. Here are some pictures of the children rehearsing the story in their groups.


Last weeks writer of the week

Last week’s writer of the week was Molly. She wrote a fantastic story without any assistance, using all the correct grammar and punctuation. Her work was beautifully presented and I was so impressed with her first piece of writing in year 2. Super work Molly. Keep it up!

M Thompson

Last week’s pupil of the week

Last week’s pupil of the week was Jamie. I was amazed with Jamie’s perseverance and independence when completing his independent work last week. His behavior has been sublime and he has continued trying really hard again this week. Great work Jamie!!

 J Hill

Writer of the week

Writer of the week this week is Daniel. Daniel wrote a fantastic description about his favourite character in Matilda. He used so many different adjectives and went into lots of detail about the character of Bruce from the story. I also loved his picture of Bruce with chocolate all over his face. Super work Daniel!!!

 D Gibson

Pupil of the week

Pupil of the week this week is Katalina. I have been super impressed with Katalina’s independent work this week. She has knuckled down and tried so hard in everything that we have done this week and I have definitely noticed. She is a great role model for our year 2 class. Keep it up Katalina:)

K Gonzalez


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